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Windblox was born from frustrated roadster enthusiasts. Like you, we enjoy a top-down drive with the sun shining, good tunes on the stereo, and a curvy road ahead. What we didn’t like was all of the backwash coming into the compartment. While existing wind screens were adequate, they we’re good; we knew we could do better. From this, Windblox was born in 1999 to offer windscreens we’d want ourselves, of the quality, functionality, and price we’d want to pay.

  • Mission: Provide the best windscreen at attractive pricing.
  • Technology: Windscreens are designed without sacrifice. We’ve literally searched the world to find the best materials and production methods.
  • Design: First, we design and prototype on our own cars. We’ve worked with hundreds of convertible owners over thousands of hours to craft our wind deflectors.
  • Performance: We’re our own harshest customer. We’re hyper-critical of our own products, to provide the highest performance possible. We’ve even created our own testing equipment to measure how our
  • Customer Service: Word-of-Mouth is paramount to a small company like ours, so we work extra hard for your “Wow” to encourage you to brag about our windscreens to other convertible owners.
  • Shipping: We excel for expedient shipment. We want our customers using our product, and not waiting for them!

What is a Windblox Convertible Windscreen? Windblox Convertible Windscreens are acrylic or lexan windscreens attached behind the rear seats.

Why Purchase a Windblox Convertible Windscreen? Five quick reasons: 1) Lifetime warranty. 2) Shape and design make it most effective at reducing turbulence. 3) Thirty day trial period; return without hassle if not satisfied. 4) Laser fabrication provides balance and symmetrical units. 5) Your windscreen will last the lifetime of your car.

Windblox Convertible Windscreen Philosophy: 1) Build best-of-breed products so that our customers may enjoy their great convertible for many years. 2) We design our windscreens to our own daily-driver cars. 3) Provide customer service beyond expectations.

By  Tim Schmidt

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